Anthropologist and Photographer, we offer an invitation to reveal the unknown, inspired by 14 years of nomad experience as a family.

We're bringing a fresh perspective to children education, health and our connection

Next Event

Akiota / Hiroshima

When: June 6th

Organized by: Akiota town

Kake High School


When: May 7th at 19h00

Organized by: Shingu city

8002-6 Shingu


When: April 27th

Organized by: Tsubamenoyado

Backpackers Hostel


When: April 15th

Organized by: Lexhippo

Information: Hippo Member


When: April 3rd

Organized by: Lexhippo

Information: Hippo Member


When: march 17th

Organized by: Kanoe

Information: read more

We can also come and meet you

Public Event, Private Gathering, School or other Occasion

Moments of escape in an alternation between anecdotes, exploration, travel, encounters and emotions.

Illustrated by some of the most magical photographs of this nomadic life.

30 to 90 minutes

English or French


Inspirational talk,

we already shared



we presented our story


Languages Available

French and English


Subtitles are Available

Fr / Eng / Jpn / Cze / Chi

Conferences / Talks / Lectures

Private Company

Empowering staff

Team Building

Determination and Perseverence


Sharing a life of Adventure

Inspiring children and family to spend time outside

Showing it is possible to live a different life

Association / Event

Showing a sustainable lifestyle

Promoting the importance of spending time in nature

Sharing a life of Adventure

Nurturing wonder, a new way to see Education

University / School

Inspire Students to believe in the future

Showing a different way of life

Showing there is no limit to the life anyone can Imagine and Create

Local Gouvernment

Promoting the local Eco trails

Speaking about nature and children

Inspiring new vision for the future