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Fibie is the yougest baby to cross the coldest desert in the world by bicycle, the Gobi desert

Fibie was born to the Earth on 9th August 2017. She has a deep tenderness, a purity of heart that transmutes everything around her. Fibie carries the energy of Japan. The gentle energy of the Shinto Shrines.This spirituality linked to the yin energy, as the Tori in the water of Biwa Lake. Her energy is soft and round, fluid, pure and crystalline, and at the same time it is like a powerful marine current. Nothing stops it, like a vibration and a light that illuminates by its mere presence.

Fibie is already determined. A great confidence in her path in Life guides her in each step. With her, the communication is very subtle, it is completely intuitive, opening up new channels of communication and perceptions. Fibie vibrates the Yin energy, the sacred feminine.

Nayla is the youngest child to cross the Nullarbor Desert in Australia by bicyle

Born on 4th June 2013, on Penang Island in the multicultural universe of Malaysia. A deep joy and powerful life force embrace her. She whispered her presence in the mystical moutains of the Himalayas. There, facing the roof of the world, she came to the Earth protected by the powerful feminine energy of Sagarmatha.

Mindful and full of vitality, her eyes are open to the world, conscious of the fabulous life force. The nomadic life she chose, this life of discovery, takes her to feel the vibration of the land and of the peoples. To fully enter in relation with her inner magic, through action.

Born in 1982, she is a free spirit, a pioneer in the soul. In the search of the sacred, she travels the world to discover it. Anthropologist, she has been initiated with the native peoples. However, she is seeking beyond the cultures, for a true encounters with the beings. Mountain leader, the vast spaces and the high summits enlightens her with a deep serenity. Through her intuition, her connected communication and her openness to alternative healing methods, she is constantly guided towards a greater awareness, diving into life and all its dimensions.

Innocent, she wonders in front of the magic of life. A magic that guides her in her dance and which she put into words to tell her nomadic experience.

Born in 1980, he has an adventurous spirit, from the Jorat forests in Switzerland to the vast spaces he discovered throughout his life, in the heights, in the altitude or in countries whose names interpellate. Architectural draftsman, he sketches plans, but today his house is made of a tent skin and his garden expands beyond the borders. Child at heart, everything is humour, everything is a game, even in the wilderness in complete autonomy, illustrating his powerful trust in life and the wind of freedom that enlightens him.

Through his photographies, he exposes his world. A world of beauty and luminosity that emerges around him. The world of “Les Lumières d'Ailleurs”, that he exhibited in Switzerland and Malaysia.