Become the hero of your own journey

Our life story is an invitation to give yourself the right to choose, to take the risk of following your own path.

Become the hero of your own journey

And let's embody change together

Véritable identité

These are not just empty words, we're showing through our actions that there are other possibilities in terms of lifestyle choices, connection to our natural environment, children education and parenting.


How to participate

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to show

that it's possible to live differently.

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embody change,

to receive a message every month that will help you to dare, that will give you keys, that will make you see the world from a new angle.

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creators of our lives.  

And let's embody change together

When we're asked what we're going to do tomorrow?

What's going to happen to our daughters or their education, like university?

We're not talking about tomorrow, we're talking about today!

I want to answer: Let's open our eyes!

The world of tomorrow won't look like it does today. How can we think that we hold the key to a world that is speeding up to social over-acceleration, to societies that use death as a decision-making criterion, to an imbalance that everyone is feeling?

Our greatest scientists are constantly taking precise measurements, making incredible and complex analyses to find out what we've destroyed on Earth,

and when we get the results...

we speed up and head for the wall.

It's time for everyone to take their place and become the creator of their own reality.

If each person has natural gifts and innate talents, then the true nature of education must be to awaken, invite and consecrate each person's inner genius and unique life spirit, so that they can delve deep inside themselves and discover their hidden voice and greatest strengths. It must be a place of learning that is connected to life and the living.

We've learned to walk through life trying to mold ourselves into expectations, when we're here to blossom and bring our light to the world. Every voice pushes us to see life differently, honoring the complexity of our world, adding a piece to the puzzle.

So what if you choose not just to exist, but to live?

Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you. Letting people see the authentic flawed, imperfect, eccentric, weird, beautiful and magical person you are.

So whatever you do today, do it with the confidence of a 4-year-old wearing the magic costume of his imaginary world. Then you'll start to believe in the impossible....

To be the creator of our life is to honor the infinite possibilities of living differently

To be the creator of our life is to honor the infinite possibilities of living differently.

It's about bringing what really matters back at the center of our lives.

It's about making choices based on our intuitions and feelings.

It's about slowing down... Slowing down because technology keeps offering us solutions that are supposed to save us time, so society speeds up and the pace becomes frantic. The time we should have saved is gone.

Slow down to experience life through our 5 senses,

Breathing in mindfulness. Yet do you remember the last time you blocked your breath?

Was it yesterday or today?

To embrace the laws of life is to accept our share of responsibility in the whole, to live the humility of being part of something greater than ourselves, and above all, it's choosing life's criteria to make decisions.

Our societies have just created the first generation of parents who have no connection with nature.

We met these parents who were asking us how they could take their children into this unknown world, so dangerous to them. Societies that, for the first time since the birth of mankind, spend less than 3 hours a day outdoors. Societies that make us believe that having will make us happy, and that only competition and survival of the strongest prevail. In fact, inter-species collaboration has already been proven. Trees support and nurture the weakest among them, wolves and crows hunt together in winter.  


What if we chose to make a paradigm shift, to accept our place within the living world, with decisions based on balance, collaboration and harmony.

Véritable identité

So whatever you do today, do it with the confidence of a 4-year-old wearing the magic costume of his imaginary world. Then you'll start to believe in the impossible....

If a virus could touch every corner of the planet with such intensity and speed, then nothing is stronger than a dream that's ready to be lived!

The time has come to create a world in which the future is a source of inspiration.

Let's dare, let's give ourselves the right, let's allow ourselves to take the risk of being alive!

And let's embody change together with Awareness, Confidence and Coherence