Pasche family project 2024

Let's embody

change together

Véritable identité

Children's happiest memories,

whatever their origin,

are those spent in nature



Let's go

Outside and Explore

Mont-bell official ambassadors

Akiota Town Tourism official guests

Our way 2024


Around Mount Fuji

April - May

Along the Pacific Cycling Road - Sea to Summit DAISEN


In Akiota, invited by Akiota Tourism

July - August

In Shikuko, between the Pacific and the Shimento River

August - October

In Kyushu between onsens, volcanoes and the ocean

Octobre - December

In Chugoku Kansai for the colours of autumn


In Akiota, invited by Akiota Tourism

Inspiring talks along our way


Where we get the strength to live this life of adventure?

To embody change?

To live our dreams?

Let's spend time in nature

Nature soothes, rejuvenates and revitalises

It is a paradise for the imagination

It helps to sharpen our senses

It develops our neural connections

It makes us alive

Part 2

" The Wonder of Nature "

In collaboration with

Let's focus on what really matters:

The dreams that move us into action

Our balance

Our children

Inspiring TALKS are planned along the way

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